The Best Day I Remember Spending at School

Hey! Nice to meet you! How are you doing?
In this blog, I am gonna tell you about the best day 👍I remember spending at my School.

This teachers’ Day was a lot fun.

I don’t remember spending such an amazing Teacher’s Day before. Even, I should say that it was STUDENTS’ Day rather than Teachers’! 😂😆

When I went to the school, we had an assembly.

Although it wasn’t much interesting,

the best part I felt was — me and my friends were taking continuously.

But the thing that was the most striking was — NO teacher scolded us. 😀

Otherwise, we would have been turned out.

After the assembly, all the students were allowed to change their seating arrangement and sit with their friends.

The second best thing was — ‘WE DIDN’T HAVE TO STUDY!’ That means that we spent all our time talking and doing absolutely ‘nothing’. 😎

Soon, it was recess and we all ate pizzas 🍕,

burgers 🍔,


fries 🍟

and sweets 🍬🍭🍮🍰🍫🍪🍩.

All junk food! ✅

Soon the school timings were over and we all were allowed to go home.

This was the Best Day I remember spending at School. May all days at school be like this one only.

How was the blog? Do you remember the your best day spent at your school? Please let me know in the Comments below.
Thanks a lot for reading…